Music Rock Nation | Piktoos

Music Naton | Piktoos

Among the others who performed in tonight Summer Rock fest 2012 the band "Piktoos" performs a ground breaking performance among the other bands.
Together with friends from the other company.
the band collaborates to produce much melodic sound to suites up the souls of
those who wants to be with there music.
As the flow of the show continues the crowds
felt completely distinguished when the band played there original track,

Music Rock Nation | Radianz

Music Nation | Radianz

A tribute band from roxas city were covering songs from there favorite bands has unleashed there apperance in Summer Rockfest 2012 by performing few songs to the held event the band was agressively pleased there listeners to give aplause while on the play. considering the best of them is showing there musicianship  with the other related bands all the way with other rockstars.

The band was founded last August 2010, original members were:
Chinee Mae Elauria (Vocals),Karl Ryan Mangampo (Basist),
John Raymund jaca (Drummer), Nico Gabriel Mendoza (Guitar 
1,2) the band were joining several 'Battle of the Bands'
in the following years and been expose on their first 
appearance in  Tukar tukar sa plaza which been the way of 
discovering there hidden talents  
After 2years of good vise the band subsequently made there carrier succesful by now the band was playing on several gigs around the city, together with there comrade from MUBAROCA,
together they play in summer rockfest 2012 
Music Genre : Indie,Alternative Rock.
For Information just tuned into there page RADIANZ

Music Rock Nation | Valley of Chrome

Is one of the heaviest metal band of the Philippines, they began playing since year 2000
till now they were known  on there field as one of the heaviest band of the Philippine music Industry, together with SIN, BLOODSHEDD, COG, ARCADIA and etc.
The band released there first debut album entitled Love and Devotion 2004
that includes songs like Love and Devotion, Art of letting go and many more.
The album showcases there Musicianship and uniqueness on there field of music.
Then a follow up released of there 2nd album intitled Sophomore
under Galaxy Records was been stablished in the year 2007.
Dubbed as Never The lifeless, And new recording tracks
that includes Dasal Sa Gitna ng Panganib,Kiss of Medusa,Extinction Agenda. etc,
The band at first didn't expected to surpass there expectations, that lead them to there success.
after all the band achieve what they have been expected,
Valley of chrome Didn't stop doing on what they been believe of.
but incase they been producing more music to appreciate there fans .
Band Memmbers : Rogel Africa (Vocalist) ,Jethro Mendoza (Guitars), Tatel Marcelino (Guitars), Jordan Constantino (Bass), Paul Eusebio (Drums),

Music Rock Nation | Pentavia

The band made of 5 skillful members way from the different place of Manila
there uniqueness on there field of music brings them to the road of there success and
considered as one of the philippine most finest underground band
there agressive looks and the way they perform was there key achieve what they really want to achieved.
pentavia takes place on the scene, since they finist record there
first debut album Mandirigma which includes hits like invasion, liquified, rekta kontrabida, usok and other liquifying tracks
that caught the interest of there listeners.

Music Rock Nation | Lamb Of God

As the aged of music surpass the limitations of the bands today, Lamb Of God became more 
popular than the other band because of there uniqueness on there field of playing.
with there ground breaking performance that makes all there followers goin crazy everytime they performs
as a sign of there success Lamb of God received a Grammy nomination for there Album Sacrament,
and begin touring around the world. at Ozzfest twice they performed on this big rock event together with other heavy metal bands
of the Industries

Music Rock Nation | Velvet Revolver

With there Solid hard rockin music velvet revolver has been nominated as a winner of 2005 Grammy Awards titled
Best Hard Rock Performance. with the band single "Slither",
after so many achievements the band continues to promote new songs from there latest album "Contraband",
and released there seconds ground breaking album intitled "Libertad",
Despite of all there success in the music industries Velvet revolver were once been published on news headlines
regarding on there success.
Velvet revolver Memmbers Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt sorum, Dave Kushner Scott Weiland,

Music Rock Nation | Greyhoundz Discography

Greyhoundz is one of the most influencial band fromthe Philippines specializes in genre's like Rap Metal,NU metal and Indie.the band started with a 5 piece original memmbers,which is know as Reg rubio (Vocals), Nino Avenido (Basist), TJ Brillantes (Drums),Allen Cudal (guitar1), Audie Avenido (guitar2).With there very aggressive and seductive type music they were been discoveredand became more will known to the music Industry.but Unfortunately the band member Allen Cudal was died from a tragic car accident on May 6, 2006.Despite on what happen to there late band mate, the band decided to continue as a 4 piece band.

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