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Among the others who performed in tonight Summer Rock fest 2012 the band "Piktoos" performs a ground breaking performance among the other bands.
Together with friends from the other company.
the band collaborates to produce much melodic sound to suites up the souls of
those who wants to be with there music.
As the flow of the show continues the crowds
felt completely distinguished when the band played there original track,

Intitled "Flora" ,according to my friend the song was writen by there late memmber who felt an undying love to his partner
and in order to be left by his fellings he wrote it up to be heard by the others, but unexpectedly
the band didnt expect that the song will be click on there home town,
onwards the band starts joining ‘Battle of the bands' early 2008
and begin showcasing there talents,on the following events by performing as one band one brother and a family.

Piktoos began as a five piece band in 2008 where the founding memmbers are Symone Francisco (vocals), Chino Barrios(Guitar1), Joe Antony Flores(bass),Hansel Berebe(Guitar 2), and Timothy Laserna(Drums).
for more info visit there Facebook page @ Piktoos


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