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Is one of the heaviest metal band of the Philippines, they began playing since year 2000
till now they were known  on there field as one of the heaviest band of the Philippine music Industry, together with SIN, BLOODSHEDD, COG, ARCADIA and etc.
The band released there first debut album entitled Love and Devotion 2004
that includes songs like Love and Devotion, Art of letting go and many more.
The album showcases there Musicianship and uniqueness on there field of music.
Then a follow up released of there 2nd album intitled Sophomore
under Galaxy Records was been stablished in the year 2007.
Dubbed as Never The lifeless, And new recording tracks
that includes Dasal Sa Gitna ng Panganib,Kiss of Medusa,Extinction Agenda. etc,
The band at first didn't expected to surpass there expectations, that lead them to there success.
after all the band achieve what they have been expected,
Valley of chrome Didn't stop doing on what they been believe of.
but incase they been producing more music to appreciate there fans .
Band Memmbers : Rogel Africa (Vocalist) ,Jethro Mendoza (Guitars), Tatel Marcelino (Guitars), Jordan Constantino (Bass), Paul Eusebio (Drums),


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