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A tribute band from roxas city were covering songs from there favorite bands has unleashed there apperance in Summer Rockfest 2012 by performing few songs to the held event the band was agressively pleased there listeners to give aplause while on the play. considering the best of them is showing there musicianship  with the other related bands all the way with other rockstars.

The band was founded last August 2010, original members were:
Chinee Mae Elauria (Vocals),Karl Ryan Mangampo (Basist),
John Raymund jaca (Drummer), Nico Gabriel Mendoza (Guitar 
1,2) the band were joining several 'Battle of the Bands'
in the following years and been expose on their first 
appearance in  Tukar tukar sa plaza which been the way of 
discovering there hidden talents  
After 2years of good vise the band subsequently made there carrier succesful by now the band was playing on several gigs around the city, together with there comrade from MUBAROCA,
together they play in summer rockfest 2012 
Music Genre : Indie,Alternative Rock.
For Information just tuned into there page RADIANZ


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